I went through a phase of trying to get people to snap out of their tunnel vision and pay attention to what's going on around them. After a while, everyone starts to think you've lost it. As more time passes, it's clear that I'm not the one thats lost it.

A story about some of the greedy, evil people on the planet.

The song is about the moment one realizes they no longer want to participate in the superficial and unsustainable way of life that dominates our world.

A little folky song about unrequited love.

A jazz/lounge song about unrequited love.

A folk/world instrumental track about travelling the world. Also rhythmically based on a 4/4 over 6/8 polyrhythm. Fun times.

Old Content

The songs below consist mostly of my earlier works. Many are unfinished songs or works in progress. In many cases, the sound quality is sub-optimal and very much reflective of the recording equipment I was using at the time. Over the years, I have slowly upgraded my gear and have developed more skill at producing.

The Water Is Wide

This is a traditional Celtic song that Sharon Langford and I recorded in our own style. It's a little more modern and maybe a bit less Celtic.

End Of An Era

The heaviest tune yet. I was doing some experimenting with the Native Instruments Guitar Rig 3 amp simulator plug-in and was... well... inspired... Yup, just 3 tracks. Drums, bass and guitar...

Keep On

A 12-string tune heavily inspired by Leo Kottke.


A celtic take on things. 12-string, mandolin, bass and drums.

Grow Up

I wrote this one years ago (in high school I think) but could never actually play it up to speed. Waiting paid off since I now have the 12-string that really makes the song.

Dark Cloud

An incomplete tune. It's all there except for lyrics.

Maybe Another Day

Song need of vocals. I like the last 2 minutes or so...


A short tune played on my 12-string guitar.

Ave Maria

A more traditional Christmas tune.

All Around

A song I wrote many years ago but could never pull it off well enough to record it. I've added resonator to it now as well. It even has a diminished 7th chord...

Wide Awake

This is an incomplete song idea. It might have some potential if I decide to use it someday.

The Way It Goes

A mellow tune featuring the mandolin. Short and sweet.


This song is my first attempt at fretting behind the slide.

Before I Go

A folk instrumental, this song builds from very little to a full climax.

Slow Boil

Short and sweet. The drums are programmed and programmed awfully. It's what the rhythm reso is doing that I particularly enjoy...

Serenity Now

Another resonator tune. Very mellow and laid back... you might even say serene... I like to think of it as Leo Kottke meets Floyd, meets Blue Rodeo, meets Jerry Douglas... anyone else?

I Don't Want To Hear It

This was my first try with my resonator guitar. The rhythm guitar is my ES-335 through a Leslie speaker cabinet plugin and it sounds slightly like an organ. It wasn't the effect I was going for at the time but it works quite nicely I think.

Slide Pick V

I wrote this tune years ago and recorded it (you guessed it, 3 times) with regular acoustic. It really took the resonator to make it worthwhile (someday I'll get it right).

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